Custom Solutions

If you have a special requirement that is not covered by our off-the-shelf software, we can help you with a custom software solution. Our staff can help you define your requirements and specifications, and we can develop the application specifically tailored to meet your needs. Contact us to get started!


Our main line of business is writing data collection programs for ruggedized and commercial hand held mobile computers and devices. We developed ITScriptNet to allow us to write these applications quickly and cost effectively. We offer our development services on an hourly basis to create applications to customer specifications. Along with the mobile data collection program, we also develop databases, traditional PC applications, reports and web applications.

We offer ITScriptNet for sale to those resellers who may want to provide development services to their customers as well as to the end customer who has the time and experience to write their own programs.

Business Applications

In addition to writing mobile applications with ITScriptNet, we also have expertise in developing other business applications for the PC or Web in native languages such as C# and ASP.Net. We have been writing labeling and printing applications for nearly 20 years using Bartender and LabelView software for Zebra, Datamax/O’Neil and Sato printers and for inline printing systems. We have developed many different custom systems for inventory tracking, asset management and a host of other business needs integrating printers, scanners, data terminals, PCs, servers, networks and other software applications.

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