Comparison between ITScriptNet Indago and ITScriptNet V3

ITScriptNet Indago has been redeveloped from the ground up taking advantage of newer technologies and concepts to provide modern looking applications with improved communications and data processing. While there are many similaries between ITScriptNet Indago and previous versions of ITScriptNet, Indago is not a direct upgrade from V3 or older.

Upgrading from V3 to Indago
Eventually we will be releasing an upgrade tool to assist in converting your ITScriptNet V3 programs to Indago, but this tool is not ready yet. For this reason, there is no automatic upgrade from V3 to Indago at this time.

Which version should I use for my application?
If you are developing a new application for a new installation that does not already have ITScriptNet V3, then we recommend the latest version of ITScriptNet Indago. However, if you have an existing installation of ITScriptNet V3, you should stick with V3 for now.

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