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UPDATE: Updates in ITScriptNet Indago
Applies To: ITScriptNet Indago
Updates in ITScriptNet Indago

New Features

  • Change the Skin Selection dialog box in the Omni Server utilities to use the Skin Gallery instead of a ComboBox
  • Field overrides in the override INI file
  • Hex encode/decode functions
  • SHA-2 function with 256, 384, 512 bit digests
  • PC Client: Add Test button
  • Upgrade to .Net Framework 4.5.  This means dropping XP support.
  • Upgrade to DevExpress 17.1
  • Ability to compare ITBXs and show the differences.
  • Add Remove elements to web.config so it works in a subweb environment better
  • Add TLS 1.2 support to Android
  • Add TLS 1.2 Support to the PC Client
  • Allow clearing the Program Icon (Program Settings screen)
  • Add layout wizard entry for 293x240 and 586x480 (Android VGA)
  • Archive Reprocessing utility
  • Add new devices (Zebra TC8000)
  • Add ITBX Full Path variable to the Remote Scripts

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Add the 6510 as a supported device for scanning
  • Designer: Function Tree doesn't split Contant groups properly for acronymns
  • Designer: Remove duplicate layouts from elements on load
  • Omni Server: RemoteScriptFile error
  • Clients: Delete Program/Data File should prompt to confirm
  • Designer: Add the ability to copy a trace output line to the clipboard
  • Clients: InputSource property script not working
  • PC Client: 64-bit runtime installs 32-bit client but 64-bit SQLite DLL
  • Simulator: Crash when scrolling a subprompt
  • ValueChanged not firing for DateTime Pickers
  • Validation file alphabetization
  • Android: CallITB problem on Android 4
  • Android: Desktop shortcuts get deleted when upgrading via APK
  • Clients: Labels wrapping even if the height is not 1.5x the text height
  • Android: Remove UseGPU option and always use it
  • Zebra Android: After force close, EMDK does not connect
  • Zebra TC70 scanning problems
  • Add BTOpen parameter for Custom UUID
  • Clients: Textlists are not line breaking on \n
  • Zebra Android scanner is not correctly enabled/disabled when the app moves to the background.
  • Android: CallITB is leaking memory
  • Android: Verify the GSM functions on a TC55
  • IIS Omni Server: Update Client not working
  • Clients: PDF text not wrapping at \n
  • PC Client: Focus shift after dialog box drops is still not quite right
  • Android: After dismissing a DatePicker, the focus doesn't match the cursor
  • Omni Server: Increase Command Timeout from 30 seconds to 300 seconds
  • Android client Textbox Keypress function does not get non-character keys
  • WM/WCE: SetGridCellColor not working on Listviews
  • Skip a Field when inserting collected data if the db field does not exist
  • Android Aggressive Right Justification
  • Val function returns false for negative numbers
  • Blank Data and Various Data Types when processing data into a DB - blank date to dbNULL as opposed to a blank
  • Include the ITextSharp DLL in the PC Client installation folder
  • IIS Omni Server is not allowing large file transfers to the server
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