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UPDATE: Updates in ITScriptNet Indago
Applies To: ITScriptNet Indago
Updates in ITScriptNet Indago 
New Features
  • Simulator tab to view the contents of Lists and Tables
  • Android/iOS/PC Text-To-Speech function
  • Prompt-level scripts, like Global Scripts
  • Ping function
  • Modify the INI Override for the assembly-base validation files to allow the master override
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Selection Click being grabbed by non-visual elements
  • iOS - TextBox Value Change does not fire when assigning a value to the control in script
  • Change version number displayed on the Designer to X.X.X.X instead of X.XAX
  • Simulator debugger Data tab adds a collected data field to the validation file data views
  • ExecuteSQLite updates an open table in the data tab
  • Alphabetize the list of validation files in the data tab when running the simulator
  • When calling SetServerAddress, reset the Connection Cache time.
  • iPhoneX native resolution support for the iOS client
  • Improve performance of ITBZ loading and device authentication
  • Android screen size recalculation resulting in wrong layouts

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