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UPDATE: Updates in ITScriptNet Indago
Applies To: ITScriptNet Indago
Updates in ITScriptNet Indago 
New Features

  • Add Material Dark and Material Light themes to the Android client
  • Constants for each OS (WM/WCE/PC/Android/iOS)
  • Apply the Override INI to Validation Files, Configure Receive, and the Simulator
  • Add constant to indicate running in the sumulator, so code can be active only when debugging
  • Add a variable for the device ID and alias in the configure receive file name
  • Machine Name-specific Override INI settings
  • Function to set a listview item visible
Bug fixes/Improvements

  • OEM Omni Server not cleaning up log files due to filename length.
  • Reopen closed global script doesn't work
  • Honeywell CT-60 scanner not re-enabling after a Message moves the focus.
  • Test TLS 1.2 support on Android with Xamarin 15.1
  • Additional code completion features
  • Android N and higher not able to launch a PDF with OpenURLInBrowser
  • Android client: Image capture captions not applying Font Size correctly
  • GS1-128 not working on the Honeywell CK75 (Intermec) Android
  • Improve Android GPS by using both GPS and Network providers
  • iOS Startup storyboard not showing the right color - is always black
  • Android Image Capture not working on Android N and higher
  • Compare programs view scrolls to the top when it loses focus
  • Record errors generating validation files into the Simulator output window
  • Date functions return locale-specific formats but should not
  • PC Client comboboxes auto-scroll when hovering over the botton visible item
  • ElementList copy does not copy the keys correctly
  • Fix the hover tooltip that shows a variable value in the script editor
  • Ctrl+Shift+F to open the global find tab
  • Show the function definition tooltip when hovering over function name
  • Make the currently executing line indicator also show the breakpoint icon
  • Cache the ITBX on the Omni Server for performance improvement
  • Request permissions automatically on Android N and higher
  • Crash on the main screen (Select Program) when the device sleeps and resumes
  • Android client cannot launch update APK in Android N and higher
  • Listview Row Background Color not working on iOS
  • Limit button image scaling to 4 digits instead of 2
  • Syntax Check exception when editing a script whose prompt is not open
  • Android blinks on subprompts under certain conditions
  • Textbox focus doesn't shift correctly on Dialog Boxes
  • Script tree: Expand/collapse buttons should not trigger the prompt load
  • Show a syntax warning (green underline) for things like mismatched parens which won't cause script engine errors
  • Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen the most recently closed tab
  • Renaming Prompt Script didn't update script tree
  • Script engine won't show a second popup due to exception
  • Synchronous message function on android

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