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UPDATE: Updates in ITScriptNet Indago
Applies To: ITScriptNet Indago
Updates in ITScriptNet Indago  
New Features
  • Don't disable the designer while the simulator is running
  • Omni Server Remote Management features
  • Centralized Omni Server License model
  • Add functions to get network parameters such as DNS, Gateway, Connection Type
  • Add function to ping with latency
  • Refresh button in the simulator. Go to prompt context option in script tree.
  • Debug tab that shows/edits the current values of elements

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Ctrl+G to open the highlighted global script
  • Filter the output window to warnings/errors/info/etc
  • KeyboardMode help text is wrong
  • Android Error on V9: Build for an older version of Android
  • A tab inside a function's parameters causes an exception
  • Android Client Installer file URI permissions need updated for Android N
  • Android not able to create shortcuts on Android N and higher
  • Breakpoints don't work inside a background script in a popup
  • When opening the find dialog, don't auto-search for blank text
  • Sign all components of ITSN and setup, not just ones that required elevation
  • Faster vertical scroll when holding control
  • The simulator should only generate data source val files which are marked as send with program, instead of all files which do not exist
  • Configuration Utility can be very slow to start up
  • Deployment Override - sort validation files and collapse unless configured
  • PC Client running on Terminal Services should use the Client machine name instead of terminal server
  • Update Zebra Android support to the EMDK 3.0
  • Syntax error/warning improvements
  • Allow copy/paste/etc on global/prompt script name forms
  • Convert Dependancies to use NuGet packages where possible
  • Add CompareVersion function to compare version in the format #.#.#.#
  • Lock horizontal scrolls on the compare scripts diff form
  • Additional code completion features
  • Completion Features: Trigger completion on edit in word after trigger char
  • Completion Features: Complete functions and constants
  • Completion Features: Complete global/prompt script names
  • Completion Features: Add subprompt elements to completion list
  • Completion Features: Add field names for listviews and gridviews
  • Completion Features: Add local variables
  • Completion Features: "this" conversion in menu script of overflow button
  • Completion Features: Ctrl+Space to complete prompts name in a string
  • Completion Features: Complete validation file names in val file functions
  • Double click an error in the output window to open the script with the error
  • Add a warning for a logical operator with blank operand
  • Warn if assigning to an element that doesn't exist
  • Warn if referencing a local variable that hasn't been set yet
  • Add a warning for an element field or property that doesn't exist
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