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UPDATE: Updates in ITScriptNet Indago
Applies To: ITScriptNet Indago
Updates in ITScriptNet Indago 
New Features
  • Allow saving a program as a project, with many different files (ITBP) 

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • OpenURLInBrowser - PDF displaying a blank screen on Android N+
  • The designer caption indicates whether itbx or itbp is open
  • Ctrl+Alt+Click on a global variable selects the name including the @s
  • Make the columns on the find tab have reasonable widths when opened
  • PC Client ClientInstaller.ini updated for missing files
  • Installer restarts the Omni Server if it was running when the installer stopped it
  • Support Override INI for Assembly based validation files in the designer
  • Prompt Scripts in the script tree are now alphabetic
  • Have the simulator open to the layout it was in the last time it closed
  • New function to set an arbitrary property of an element
  • Copying popup between prompts loses layouts
  • When opening a remote/processing script from the find window, the language is set wrong
  • Email attachments not working on Android N and higher
  • Run or step button doesn't work when script with broken line is closed
  • Val file generation network errors should be errors in the output window
  • SQL syntax error in ExecuteSQLite error message does not link to the location of the error
  • Prompt.PromptName incorrectly generates an unable to evaluate warning
  • Email attachment included in the Body in iOS with GMail
  • iOS Toast Notification get stuck
  • Upgrade to DevExpress 18.2.x
  • Update all NuGet packages
  • iOS - Upgrade the Infinite Peripherals SDK
  • Default the file browser dialogs to detail view
  • Add sysCurrecntScaleFactor constant
  • Simulator - If the last layout doesn't exist, no layout is selected
  • sysCurrentLayout sometimes returns the layout of the subprompt being displayed
  • Android Installer utility locks up when downloading the client APK
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