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UPDATE: Updates in ITScriptNet Indago
Applies To: ITScriptNet Indago
Updates in ITScriptNet Indago 
New Features and Fixes
  • Simulator's export/import state buttons use the .state save file processes instead
  • Simulator should not automatically generate text-based validation files that are not marked Load With Program
  • Designer INI override of the Receive connection string is not being applied on element property pages for the field mapping.
  • Omni Server: only request Read access to CSV files when creating Validation files
  • Simulator form icon and refresh/scan graphics
  • Android - SetPowerdownMode throwing an exception
  • Crash analysis - App Center
  • CreateValidationRemoteBulk generate files in parallel
  • Add a version of CreateValidationRemote and CreateValidationRemoteBulk that takes a List of match parameters instead of explicit parameters
  • Ctrl+S to update the program with changes, Ctrl+Shift+S to save the program to file
  • Rename prompt script from script tree should include parameters
  • Make the debug lists/tables/data tabs editable
  • Copy element styles from subprompts as well as prompts
  • IIS Omni Server failes to register license if the ITSNLicensing folder does not exist
  • DBVAL file generation in the designer/simulator fails when using a UNC path instead of a mapped drive letter
  • Lists are cleared when the app is suspended for a long time
  • Designer Crash in the Data tab of the Simulator
  • ITBP can fail to save while also doing something else: closing, building.
  • Data debug tab - grids are sometimes much shorter than available space
  • Background thread breakpoints - hover tooltip doesn't work for local variables
  • iOS Positioning problem with listviews on subprompts
  • iPad issue with Portait program starting on a Landscape device
  • Upgrade to DevExpress 19.1.3 and Visual Studio 2019
  • Upgrade Android projects to use API level 28 (Android P SDK)
  • Set iOS minimum version to iOS 9

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