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UPDATE: Updates in ITScriptNet Indago
Applies To: ITScriptNet Indago
Updates in ITScriptNet Indago 

New Features and Fixes

  • Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen data processing causes a crash
  • Seeing individual elements refresh/update location when selected in the designer and then focus changes in simulator
  • Lose focus event on an element does not trigger when you focus on an element outside of the subprompt
  • Android Q cannot upgrade the client
  • Two DialogBox or Message calls in the same script activation fail on android
  • Color problem in Android
  • Global timers sometimes don't work
  • Update to Android SDK 29 (Android 10)
  • Collect Data view is not fullscreen after XCode 11 builds
  • Either show quick access locations in the file browser or use the system browser
  • Exception on table save state
  • Issue with loading state in simulator
  • Designer crash when clicking between elements
  • The undo process often undoes a change in a prompt layout tab when editing a script in a script editor
  • DialogBox call in a script breaks hover tooltip for variable values afterward
  • Breakpoints move weirdly after they move due to text changes and then you try to add/remove one
  • Make a method available to the data processing scripts that will write text to the output window
  • Code folding in the script editor
  • Launch the ini editor from the designer for the program thats open
  • Make the script engine recognize global/prompt scripts like real functions
  • Support multiple parallel PC Clients on the same PC but with different configurations
  • Change Content Type for Android APK for client updates
  • Limit the number of parallel processes in the thread pool
  • Omni Server INI Overrides for Connections Strings need to support Azure settings to simplify Deployment Slot swaps
  • Feature in ITSN that allows for an intent to be called
  • Upgrade AlterNet Code Editor to V5.1
  • Upgrade to DevExpress 19.2.5
  • Upgrade all NuGet packages
  • Filter out some exceptions to reduce clutter in AppCenter
  • Completion Features: Add some of these features to data processing form

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