After installing the ITScriptNet V3 client on a Honeywell Dolphin 6510, warm booting the Dolphin results in the Dolphin continuously rebooting itself.
LAST UPDATED: 3/6/2017
ITScriptNet V3
We often recommend that you design your programs with half-size layouts in the Program Designer, to make design easier, and let the client scale up on the actual device. For example, you can design p ...
LAST UPDATED: 10/6/2016
ITScriptNet Indago
ITScriptNet Indago running on Windows CE or Windows Mobile devices does not represent time properly if the Windows Locale is not set to US/English.
LAST UPDATED: 8/25/2016
ITScriptNet Indago
The ITScriptNet Indago OMNI Server can be hosted in Windows IIS (Internet Information Server) as a web application. There are a few special considerations when hosting the OMNI Server on Microsoft Az ...
LAST UPDATED: 8/3/2016
ITScriptNet Indago
Android devices cannot communicate over a USB connection the way Windows Mobile devices can. For applications that cannot use Wireless communications, but need an Android device, Zebra offers the TC7 ...
LAST UPDATED: 7/19/2016
ITScriptNet Indago
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